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Unleashing the talent in the room

2nd September 2019

Our MD shares three top conference formats to showcase talent

As we've had a very interesting period delivering conference and leadership events in the UK and overseas, I wanted to share some of our insights and learnings.

To be fair, today these types of events are more about transition and transformation than straight talking leadership. As the pace of change is faster than ever, we have found that businesses are struggling to connect with ever more demanding employees and increasingly agile customers. In a report published by Dr Brian Kropp, Group VP at Gartner he states:

"In 2009, just over 80% of organisations were going through some sort of major change". This figure is now closer to 99%."

This is a scary thought and when you consider 82% of delegates don’t engage with content when it is delivered in a traditional 'broadcast' fashion the disconnect becomes even more terrifying. It begs the question of 'where's the value.....'

To prove the commercial case, we encourage clients to challenge the status quo and look to 'unleash the talent in the room'. Talented people are smart and better informed, they expect more, they want to fix things that don’t work and they have minds to be spoken, so we developed formats that deliver 'debate' and 'exchange' in environments that delegates feel 'safe' to contribute.

Proven formats that drive higher levels of engagement and interaction:

1. Parliamentary – creating opposing sections of an audience, either side of a catwalk where the presenters/host (or Speaker of the House) facilitates and leads the debate.

2. Boxing Clever – 'Lets get ready to rumble'. Delegates, speakers and guests are 'refereed' by the host.

3. No-barriers - No stage, just a performance area with screens circulating the room’s perimeter - delegates are in the content, and it is all around them. This approach encourages the audience to move around, change seats, approach each other to in order to have, and share conversations.

So what was the biggest learning? You might think that this was encouraging personal and direct interaction....but this was the outcome of creating environments that had a central hub through which everything flowed.

Oh. it's also worth mentioning that these frameworks prove a great way to identify the more active talent – the positive ones who are capable of shaping the future.....

Charlie Hepburn

MD, BE Vivid

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