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10th May 2019

Hilton Hotels lead the way in innovation for their EMEA and MEA F&B conferences

Hilton Hotels are 100 years old this year, but no stranger to innovation. They pretty much invented business class way back when, and are now, are working hard to develop new services and new smarter ways of working, with more responsible outcomes.

With challenges all around, the storytelling is an excellent vehicle for managing change and stimulating innovation. The Food & Beverage sector employee conference EMEA and MEA events were planned centring on leadership and performance, and above all, people.

The entire value exchange, the experience and the service is as up close and personal as you can get. Hilton customers will see, touch, taste and sip and slurp everything that this team produces on time everywhere. Each event story was based on a series of Food and Beverage duets. Two local host presenters mix it up on a central challenge stage drawing in a mixed audience to comment and contribute on global content visuals. The voice for the event was created live from the audience response being drawn into the challenge and re-define, design just how good they can deliver.

There are learnings for event planner in this story-idea approach. The conference was not a conclusion, but the start of something as the audience listened and then took ownership of the content and the delivery. The story evolved live as the assembly debated and agreed on their actions. This was documented live within the visuals as the voice took ownership of the outcome.

The framework pattern passes the story telling tests. Innovation was rewarded and the events were both playful and empathetic with a signature tribute to the kitchens as all staff were brought out to musical tributes at the close of the event. The story was not only human-centric but live, the voice of the audience shaped the visuals as it developed taking ownership of the event.

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Charlie Hepburn, Founder & MD, BE Vivid

All photography - OCD Media

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