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Our top 5 tips on how to embrace change

9th November 2016

In our experience, when organisations are planning or undergoing ‘change’, they can enter a period of instability as the news ripples throughout the business and clients. This is often brought about by whispers, conjecture and assumptions due to a lack of clear communication and understanding of the reasons why the changes have come about. Your people can end up feeling uncertain, displaced and even (worst-case scenario) begin to lose confidence in the business.

Here are our top five tips on how to embrace change:

1. Engaging with your people at the earliest opportunity - start your communication strategy

“The first thing we had to do was demonstrate that we were all in this together. Once we increased direct communication from senior leadership, including the CEO, we began to see progress and a greater sense of shared purpose and collaboration.” Jo Sweetland, head of HR practice at Green Park Interim and Executive here to read more

2. Create a powerful dialogue - have a coalition that drives the change and ensures that there is a dialogue with all delegates

"Internal communications should be seen through the prism of being an ‘enabler’. It allows for the smooth running of an organisation through clear and effective channels. There is a clear link between organisations that are successful, and those that have an operational internal communications strategy." Investors in People: Engaging here to read more

3. Identifying current mind sets that must change - identify a strategy to change them

"A sense of purpose has to be ingrained within each member of staff so that they know the importance of their role and how they can contribute to expected outcomes" Cary Cooper - Creating a vision employees connect here to read more

4. Deal with fears - and change them into a belief in the vision

"Staff were desperate to have a degree of certainty about their future in uncertain times and, as a result, they made assumptions based on gossip, which we called ‘crooked thinking'. The key for HR and business leaders is to focus on fact and communicate with staff regularly - even if they have nothing new to report." Jacky Simmonds, HR director for the UK and Ireland at here to read more

5. Incentives - provide incentives where necessary

"It is however possible to raise employee morale and perhaps engagement through the use of incentives as a method of positive reinforcement. Incentives can help engage employees, and engaged employees enhance your bottom line through higher productivity and satisfied customers." Investors in People: Research by Australian firm Culture here to read more

The common link between all of the five points, is communication. What better way to embrace all of these factors than by creating a meaningful event that will generate success by building a smart strategy with purpose across all platforms ensuring everyone is on the same page with the same goals.

See our case study to find out how we helped our client bring their people together.

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