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24th February 2015

As we know, technology is all around us; 36 million adults reportedly access the Internet each day (Office for National Statistics). Technology is everywhere, you may have one, two or even three phones/devices and multiple pieces of technology in your home, which all help to improve and ease your life. Vivid Event Group, like any other 21st century business, need technology to stay in touch with customers and suppliers on a daily basis, and also encompass some interactive technology into their events where needed.

Whether it’s eye catching flame effects built around sculptures for an exciting red carpet event or real time feedback straight from the iPads used at conferences, we’re are always open to any new techniques that can support a client’s brief for ‘forward-thinking’ attitude. The events industry has flourished with the introduction of new technology, many of which show cased at this year’s Confex industry exhibition, enabling more dynamic events to lead the way.

The Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, digital trends 2015, revealed that 43% of 6,000 companies surveyed, used digital marketing for the majority of their campaigns. However, it is not only the area of marketing that has been simplified and targeted in terms of scope and ability. It has also improved operations, communication and the overall customer experience. Attendee involvement is key to any event and we help our clients design engaging content that gets everyone on board and stimulated. Rising customer expectations are pushing the boundaries leading to an exciting future ahead.

Whilst Google Glass is being taken off the shelves, there are many more gadgets out there that could help complement an event. Technology aims to simplify our lives, which can be used in events with digital ticketing, cashless payments and Apps that can help to collect information about individuals so products can be created in real time for the audience.

We've identified some of our favourite technology trends - click here to read more on Pinterest

For this article however, we’ve picked our top three pieces of technology that could help innovate events and put your company at the forefront of technology.


Event Type: Team building, Product Launches, Experiential Events, Road shows

The Samsung Gear VR provides an immersive experience, displaying films and games. The headset allows for the user to be thrown into a different world. This product is the beginning of something new in technology and can be used to provide customers a unique experience. With the use of the headset, team-building activities could be incorporated so a virtual situation can be created and resolved through technology. Click here to visit Samsung website and read more about the product.

Product: BEACONS

Event Type: Product Launches, Conferences, Live Events

Do you want to improve the impact of your brand with a live audience? Beacons are a great way of doing this. A beacon is a wireless transmitter, which will transmit signals to smart phones. These signals can allow you to send personal messages, detailed information on specific products or simply invite the customer to join you at other events. This specific technology could be used in many situations such as product launches, conferences and exhibitions, giving your consumer the best information you can. The recent use of beacons at the Super Bowl XLIX allowed for customers to receive live updates on special offers around the venue as well as useful information on queuing times enhancing their overall experience.

Very much a hot-topic for the high street, The Guardian talks about the commercial opportunity for retailers and the challenges of gaining 'buy-in' from the much sought-after purchaser.


Event Type: Summer Events, Christmas Parties, Live Events

The use of 3D holographic technology could transform an event by amplifying the experience for sheer audience enjoyment or equally on a practical level by reaching a global audience without the cost of travel. The use of interactive 3D holographic videos and effects allows guests to view extraordinary performances without the aid of goggles. This technology will provide global organisations a vehicle to connect and engage with their audience in a single live event. Touchable holograms developed in Tokyo and real time holograms developed in Arizona will not only enhance client engagement within an event, but also can be used to present lectures in real time or allow for telemedicine, amongst other uses.

Leading providers in the field of holographic technology, Musion have some great examples on how this technology can be used to enhance the live event experience.

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