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It’s about the journey, not the destination

6th December 2016

This re-brand is a very exciting time for us.

Having set up Vivid Event Group from home in my spare room in 2001, I would have never foreseen the journey we’ve been on to arrive at where we are today. We are now a tight team of 10 people working on over a 100 events a year for the likes of Havas Media, Posterscope, Mitsui, Allianz, White & Case and Fremantle Media.

The shift started about two years ago when the conversations we were having with clients were evolving and I realised that our value proposition needed to evolve too. Our working process had to become more consultative with our clients; to develop experiences that are transformational by changing hearts, minds and follow-up behaviour.

The key question was how do we pivot? Many business leaders advocate the principle of surround yourself with people who do things much better than you, so I approached Kevin Jackson (founder of ‘Experience in the Marketing’ and former vice president, EMEA at George P Johnson). We had an inspiring lunch over which we chatted through ideas and how he might be able to help us on our new journey. Our conversation confirmed my thoughts and the wheels of change had begun to turn.

It was never going to be easy. Stripping a business you’ve nurtured for over 15 years in order to then re-build it was a truly emotional experience. I knew we were doing it for the right reasons but being metaphorically naked in front of your team and clients is always uncomfortable (but strangely cathartic). We reviewed everything internally from top to bottom; where we thought we excelled; where we fell down through to how we could help clients better. We asked the same questions to clients and the findings enabled us to draw the map for future growth.

Collaboration with brilliant thinkers such as Kevin, Robert Dunsmore, Gareth Dimelow (Lift’d), Franco Reda (Creative Lab), Tim Jenkins (Wheelspinner), and Michael Miley (Creative Lab), galvanised our new way of thinking and manifesto.

We believe that by challenging the status quo we can create dynamic change. We do this by always seeking to understand the WHY behind every event and we think freely to explore all of the choices, options and issues. Only after this can we deliver smart strategic experiences that change behaviours and have enduring value.

The move towards creating insightful and unique experiences demanded that we are more than just an events company. We knew the name Vivid is a potent adjective ‘producing powerful feelings or strong clear images in the mind’. The desire to work with our clients on events that epitomise the meaning behind vivid, drove us closer towards being vivid…and thus BE Vivid was born.

We’ve driven over some rough terrain for the first part of our journey, but the destination now firmly in sight.

Charlie Hepburn, MD

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