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How Thought Leadership can help your people

9th November 2016

Company retreats are a great way to help get the most out of your delegates. A break away from the confines of the office environment can be just the thing to recharge employees' batteries and provide greater motivation to work at a high standard.

Whether it's an inspiring business conference, a fun-filled series of team building exercises or a relaxing leisure trip with friends and colleagues, all types of company retreats can rejuvenate workers and increase positivity across the team and the business as a whole.

Another aspect of company retreats is through including a specific thought leadership programme into the mix. Thought leadership is a method of building relationships with your people by educating, influencing and inspiring them. This is an approach that uses the extensive knowledge of a trusted individual/organisation around a topic or theme that is of importance to the business.

“There are a lot of definitions of thought leadership floating around these days. People declare themselves thought leaders because they wrote a book or because they have an occasional speaking gig. Thought leadership is more than an article, a book, a speaking gig, or an award: It’s truly leading a space in thought and serving as a resource for others in your area.” John Hall – Forbes Magazine

Using thought leadership can be an effective way of making workers more motivated to produce quality work in order to maintain the brand’s reputation. This may form part of a retreat during a business conference, where public speakers are often brought in to inspire their audience. Retreats can provide an appropriate platform for talks like this to take place and has become a vital component of the company retreat.

Thought leadership methods can provide a unique dimension compared to the other aspects of company retreats. Whereas team building exercises and relaxing breaks can provide positive reactions between workers, using thought leadership through public speaking offers a more immersive experience that can boost morale on a personal level like no other, by getting to the root of potential problems to release positive energy.

TED is one of the finest global communities that creates an area for thought leaders to make their knowledge accessible to a wide audience. Their success is built on spreading the innovative knowledge of individuals, usually in the form of powerful and motivational talks. The success of TED has now resulted in a large platform of free knowledge from some of the world’s most inspirational speakers – which is available for everyone to access and engage with.

See Dan Pick's fascinating talk on 'The puzzle of motivation':

So why are talks such as the ones hosted by TED so successful? As you may have noticed, their catalogue of topics cover a very wide range, which allows them to appeal to a large amount of people from any walk of life.

The topics themselves are relatable with a human story at their core regardless of subject matter, meaning their output is not only relevant today – but will likely be so in years to come.

As TED have now made a name for themselves as one of the forerunners of using thought leadership, it is easy to see how beneficial the effects of these methods are.

How can you organise a thought leadership campaign? An extensive knowledge and detailed research around the area of discussion is vital. A thorough plan of what will be said and why it will help to make sure that the event creates the most interest and interaction from the viewers. An evaluation after the campaign will allow you to assess your performance and improve upon it.

So perhaps choosing to include a thought leadership programme is the way forward for your business in order to reach your people in the most effective way – the benefits are there for all to enjoy.

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