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Employee engagement

27th January 2020

Employee engagement - the most effective communication ecosystem...

We spent a large proportion of 2019 defining, creating and delivering live events as part of wider internal communication campaigns, and due to their success it felt like an obvious place to start the new year by sharing why a 'human' element in any employee engagement campaign is a must.

To put things in context and put a value on engaged employees, they are 21% more productive* as they feel invested in an organisation, are motivated to perform at their best, and they go above and beyond to contribute to the organisation’s goals.

In our experience an integrated approach to any campaign using multiple communication channels is always most effective. However, as we exist in a world where the relationship with brands and their culture, values and vision are now based on 'experience', giving employees a voice through live events must be part of any engagement campaign or project if it is to maximise it's impact. It makes the messaging 'human' and more than just words or pictures/video on a screen...creating an emotional attachment...

We have certainly found that when considering a course of action, no two businesses are alike and an organisation’s recipe for success is unique. Increasingly as employees become more agile and demanding, engagement requires knowing your audience better and understanding the communication channels that will allow you to have the best 'conversation' with them. Debate and exchange with them 'live' and you have time, access and honesty that other channels simply just don't offer.

By encouraging employees to be part of the solution and providing them a safe and physical environment in which to do so, you build a sense of purpose and create a workplace that becomes more that just a place at which they do their job.

References: * Employee Engagement - Institute of Employment Studies - Report 469, Gallop, ILG and Glint.

Listing Image: Jaime Lopes on Unsplash

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