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Coronavirus - the show can and must go on

28th February 2020

We explore how virtual events can keep audiences engaged

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It been an odd few weeks. Clients have been asking us for our opinion on Coronavirus (Covid-19) and what it could mean for their future events. It’s a really difficult one as we are not the experts. The situation is fluid and changing by the day, so we can only offer a personal opinion based the same information that everyone else has access to*.

Our current thinking is that the reason why clients want to stage an event won’t have changed and the messages that are needed to be communicated remain the same, but the delivery mechanisms may need to adapt.

We have been exploring the opportunities of ‘virtual’ face to face. Although broadcast or streamed events will never truly have the same impact or achieve the levels of energy that is created from a shared human experience, it is still possible to interact, educate, influence, engage and steer an audience to objectives.

Considerations to be made:

  • Engaged audiences – your audience can instantly log in and feel a part of your event.
  • Global access – the Internet makes the WORLD your marketplace.
  • Ultimate convenience – whilst an audience may not be able to travel to you, you can still take your message to your audience, anywhere, at any time. Convenient for them AND you.
  • Variety of choices – web-streaming through facebook Live, IBM could event stream or add satellite link ups, the list goes on and on. There is a mirad of platforms that can be selected depending on your requirements and the size of the event. All offer flexibility, allow interaction and open the ability to invite guest speakers from anywhere in the world, offer language options, etc. From live audio only – the choice for the best solution to fit your objective is yours.
  • Profitable feedback – interactive dialogue with your audience can be immediate, which you can then follow up with content, made irresistible to those in attendance by the “opportunity created in the moment”.
  • Measurable results – valuable statistics and collection of information, is equally accessible through virtual events. You can know who attends, from where, when they attend, number attending – and even how they are choosing to interact.

Working with trusted technical partners that understand the capabilities of broadcast technologies and by developing creative formats for the 'show', we are enabling clients to maintain a 'live' voice to connect to, and engage with their audiences.

Contact us to explore what options might be available to your business.

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*Trusted sources we refer to: World Health Organisation and Gov.UK

References: CMBS

Image: Tim Mossholder,

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