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Community involvement creates happier teams

5th December 2019

Team building takes on a whole new meaning when the output benefits others...

We came across the charitable organisation, One Westminster, earlier this year whilst reaching out to find a suitable partner to fulfil a client brief. The client in question, an international hospitality chain, was planning to bring together general managers from their global collection of luxury hotels for a conference. As part of the conference, the client wanted not simply to ‘tick’ the CSR box, but to truly immerse the delegates in a community project for one of the afternoons.

During the process of our research, One Westminster stood out as a specialist, not only in charitable team building, but for offering a wide programme of initiatives that really add value to volunteers, participants and the beneficiaries of each enterprise.

The core aims of One Westminster are to “assist the local collective of charities in their growth, sustainability and development” and their Time & Talents programme helps to draw in local businesses for mutual benefit. There over 100 local community organisations that are already seeing the impact with signed-up corporate partners across the region including John Lewis & Partners, American Express, Godiva, and Intuit to name but a few.

We were asked by One Westminster to sponsor their recent November networking event (pictured above), held at the Lord Mayor’s Parlour in Westminster, which brings together a selection of charities and corporates for introductions and networking. Paola Pagliarin, Corporate Partnerships Manager for Time & Talents comments:

“We will continue running our corporate-community networking events to improve business and community sector awareness and encourage corporate engagement with social value in line with Westminster’s ‘City for All’ strategy”

By including employee initiatives such as volunteering days providing career advice sessions for students, gardening, decorating, creative sessions for the lonely (of all ages), and many more social support enterprises, the results have been overwhelmingly positive with 86% of businesses saying they felt they had a positive impact on the local community and 66% have a stronger relationship with their colleagues.

It’s now being proven through a growing amount of research that millennials (who are predicted to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020) will look for more than just financial remuneration, career opportunities, training and standard benefits offered by employers. According to Gallup, they don’t want to be treated like everyone else and more-so than others, they want a real sense of purpose to be embedded within their company culture. reported in their research that the levels of employee engagement increase significantly with those organisations who do participate in or have an active programme of charitable opportunities for their employees to get involved in. Not only does it bring people together, it provides a sense of pride and ownership making for happier teams.

As a creative events and live experience agency, BE Vivid is working together with Time & Talents to construct corporate team building activities that aim to provide a sense of purpose, fun and all round social value.

For more details contact:

Rachel Hepburn, [email protected] - for employee events

Paola Pagliarin, [email protected] - for corporate commmunity partnerships

Top image Priscilla du Preez by Unsplash

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