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Building capability and improving virtual teams

21st April 2020

Building individual confidence and improving team morale for successful outputs with virtual team building & development.

Whilst the unprecedented global quarantine is to most of us unfathomable, it’s a good time to look at aspects in our daily working lives that we can have a degree of influence and control over.

Right now, people have had to adjust to working from home for an extended period of time. Although businesses are now set up for virtual meetings due to advances in communication technology, companies will be addressing what the new ‘normal’ will look like post-lockdown and how much remote working will become a permanent fixture.

With virtual meetings firmly embedded and employees fully into the swing of having one Zoom/WebEx/Microsoft Teams meeting after another, we wonder at what point the engagement levels and effectiveness of these meetings will decline. As change management specialist, Carl Fillery states in a recent report;

“The spread of home and remote working is opening up a new range of possibilities for the way businesses can work and structure themselves with the potential to transform results if done right!”

Not all workers are motivated by the same environment as some thrive in isolation, others can quickly become lost and de-motivated. Looking ahead, the communication formats and causes for people interaction will need to evolve to avoid becoming stale and ineffective.

If you’re a manager of people, teams or businesses, one of these areas is looking at how your people have reacted, are now feeling and behaving in their current situation. Many of their team members will not be used to working remotely and may have greater challenges such as lack of connection with colleagues, problem solving, ideas generation and sparking off each other for motivation.

We’ve brought together a host of virtual event tools and techniques that could help ensure your remote teams are well-equipped, remain engaged and are working productively.

Assess and Workshop – Learning & Development

A great way to get people engaged is to help them understand their own behaviour and reactions to problem-solving and situations. Ensuring your people are planning and running their virtual meetings in the right way by including/involving every participant will ensure that your teams are all working well both individually and together. Hosting a virtual meeting is not the same as an in-person meeting as there are many hidden dynamics, such as body language and different learning/problem-solving styles that different personalities work better with.

The more your team leaders understand and apply this, the more effective everyone will become. In these Workshop(s) your teams will discover the most effective techniques and learn how to apply them. Coupled with using the Basadur Innovation Profile, quick and easy online assessment for workers to self-complete, you can get your people on the same page, pulling in the same direction whilst carrying out projects effectively and productively as everyone understands how their own role fits into the model, who’s in the other segments and the ideal flow of problem-solving.

CLICK HERE for the Workshop brochure

Motivation – Team Building

From a Daily Kick-Off designed to motivate and inspire your teams by sharing insights from your new home-working environment, a Team Social Quiz to encourage players to let their hair down to the full Virtual Away Day of competitive point-scoring strategy, each activity is designed to get people collaborating, decision-making under pressure, team building, having fun, improving morale and boosting energy levels.

CLICK HERE for the Motivation Team Building brochure

Get Creative – Team Building

A series of fun and engaging activities to encourage your teams to bring people closer together whilst working from home. A Virtual Escape Room encourages teams of 5 people to solve a range of tasks and challenges; Who’s Who is a great tool to get people networking and works well for newer teams; Connecting Canvases is an activity that could work without geographical or language barriers as it’s a creative piece that results in a grand piece of art for everyone to celebrate. With 50% of all profits donated to global charities (currently World Health Organisation), there’s a real feel-good factor with these team-building initiatives.

CLICK HERE for the Team Building brochure

For each of the above, experienced facilitators and ready-made apps take all the hard work away from you as your teams are guided through with easy access to each activity, leaving you to run your teams/business in keeping with your vision, values and culture.

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