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Northern Lights experiences

1st February 2015

With the aurora borealis raging during the autumn, our partners at Vivid Luxury Travel have had a tranche of questions asked about our northern lights breaks. We thought we'd share some typical FAQ's...

Q. What's included in our break?

A. Depends which break you choose! But seriously, flights, transfers, accommodation (bed & breakfast) on all Lapland events. Most Swedish events include dinner, and if your activities cross mealtimes then food will be provided. The only destination that this doesn't apply to is the Ice Hotel where you have a choice of restaurants and should settle your bill locally. Icelandic breaks include a hire car, and lunches/dinners should be settled locally.

Q. Are drinks included?

A. Sweden: Hot drinks/soft drinks, generally yes. Alcohol, generally no. Iceland: No.

Q. What clothing should we take?

A. For our Arctic breaks in Sweden, you'll need to take thermal underclothes (socks, long-johns, shirts), and casual clothing (jeans, trousers, shirts/blouse, t-shirts, sweater or fleece etc.We will loan you outer clothing such as boots, over-trousers, parka style coat, gloves, hat and (if required) balaclava.If you're travelling to Iceland, then we don't include the clothing loan, but temperatures generally aren't as extreme. Look to the weather forecast and pack appropriately.

Q. I'm booked on the photographic experience, what camera equipment do I need?

A. An SD card - we'd suggest something between 8Mb and 16Mb. Beyond that, all will be provided for you.

Q. Is it cold?

A. You could say that! In the last five years we've seen temperatures as low as -40C - cold enough that the snow mobiles didn't really want to start. It's fair to say the dogs loved it!

Q. How likely are we to see the Northern Lights?

A. Around 85% of Lapland 2013/14 season guests saw the lights on at least one evening. Over the past few years it's averaging 80%. The lights are naturally occurring and no guarantees can be provided - however we take you to the best possible locations for seeing the lights.

Hope this helps anyone who's not sure about our breaks - if you want to find out more about Northern Lights experiences provided by Vivid Luxury Travel click here.

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