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‘Top 3 Picks’ to encourage employee engagement

21st April 2015

For this month’s talking topic of ‘people engagement’, we’ve taken a look at Investors in People guide for Top 30 Employee Engagement Strategies for Modern Leaders. A leading authority in engaging people, IIP provide invaluable insight to help organisations of any size or type.

Numerous studies tell us that when people feel good about their work, they carry that feeling through to areas outside of the office too. We’ve selected three key areas from the IIP guide and added our own case studies that illustrate how we’ve helped our clients in specific areas.

Reward and recognition

Rewarding employees for successful work is vital to ensure they feel valued which impacts not only their personal performance but that of the company as a whole. When employees own actions are rewarded for effective communication, teamwork and innovation, the process of public recognition benefits everyone. Individual competitiveness associated with reward should not be discouraged if it is recognised for hard work, excellent performance or fairness. Rewards are often seen in the form of financial benefits and job rotations, but there are many other ways to inspire excellence.

At BE Vivid, we create an annual awards ceremony for one of our clients - a leading international financial analysts, for 150 guests. The awards ceremony and reception celebrates the achievements and hard work of their employees from the past year. Complete with awards, employees were personally recognised by the company and acknowledged in front of their peers.

Communicate the Vision

A company’s vision can be defined as the short and long-term goals, and how the business aims to achieve these. However, it is important to ensure that the company vision is clearly laid out by the leaders to its people by creating purpose to all, particularly when there are significant changes to board level which may impact strategy. Each member should understand their departmental objectives and how their role as an individual will contribute towards the common goal. Ensuring that the whole process of establishing the vision and setting departmental objectives gains buy-in from the management team, it is vital to involve key stakeholders as early as possible to gain buy-in before cascading throughout the organisation.

Case study: A conference held at the Natural History Museum for the managers of a large organisation was created in order to introduce the company’s newly appointed CEO. Specific goals and objectives were set out for the high profile event. The evening’s event involved senior management and board members engaging delegates with the company’s vision for the future and how they would like to see their managers promote this to their staff. Read more...

Get to know your people

To be an effective leader, understanding your team’s strengths, weaknesses and motivations puts you in a better position to guide them effectively. Understanding your people and giving them encouragement in more difficult situations allows them the ability to grow in more challenging situations. As a leader your people will want to get to know you too. It’s central to success to become a modern leader. Getting to know your team within the office environment as well as outside is important to provide an integrated team. Team building designed to improve interpersonal relations and group social interactions is a successful activity in helping to accomplish goals and results. Engaging employees to take part in a strategically designed tasks, enables these goals and results to be accomplished.

Case study: 400 employees of an international media company experienced an Olympic style event, with a chance to raise £1,000 for charity at the glorious Beaumont House in Old Windsor. A key element to the event was to engage employees in the company’s growth and expansion, as well as to motivate and reward. All employees were engaged as they took part in multiple activities, including sumo wrestling and human table football. The day was rounded off with an awards ceremony in the grounds with food, drink and music enjoyed festival-style. Read more...

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