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Day out with the kids...

1st February 2015

Before our company director, Rachel, spent the day at Goodwood Festival of Speed, her pre-conception was that this type of event was for all those ‘over-grown boys' out there who never grew up. Her opinion post-event since visiting with her sister and their 3 boys, aged 5yrs, 6yrs and 10yrs changed. Here's what she had to say about a great day out for anyone who has an interest in cars, speed and engineering...

"The day started with a jaw-dropping air display by the Red-Arrows as soon as we got out of the car. They never fail to impress – a combination of aircraft power and the pilots co-ordination skills – both combined reminded me that as a mere mortal, I would never possess the skills to fly such a thing. The kids just loved the noisy dramatic display with lots of ‘wow's' and ‘mum, look at that'.Before we had even gotten into the event, the military displays leading up to the entrance kept usamused for at least half an hour. The most exciting was the search and rescue helicopter which of course the boys had to climb inside and fiddle with all the switches, before trying out the winch.

Thankfully the engineer in charge had obviously ‘seen it all before' and was more than happy for the boys to have some fun.Once we'd entered the show itself, we were greeted by the most over-powering engine noise which resembled a rocket launch. The F1 cars racing up the hill from the start position by the entrance were, no doubt, nectar to all those car enthusiasts. For us, not being able to see and touch meant the boyswandered off to look around all the flashy sports cars which flanked the entrance walk-way. I have to admit that one or two took my eye…maybe a next birthday present from my husband (in my dreams)!

Further inside the event, the plethora of car manufacturer exhibition stands was music to the eyes of my 6yr old and my 10yr old nephew, both of whom read their Dad's Top Gear magazines in their spare time and know the engine performance and BHP of most leading cars (actually this knowledge could in fact be down to Top Trumps)!

The Motocross display was also a hit with the boys, with its bikes flying up into the air providing thrilling entertainment to all onlookers. Bumper cars were an exciting distraction and shelter during the rainstorm,followed by a lemonade and cuppa in the BMW owner's hospitality lounge - an exciting moment when Tiff Needell arrived and the boys could watch his brief appearance from the gallery above.

During a second rainstorm, the Bloodhound exhibition area provided not only shelter but great entertainment for the boys for at least an hour. The organisation is trying to encourage children's interest in engineering and had a whole load of Kinetix building parts. Children were invited to make their own model car, attach a paper tube, and then shoot it down a track using air pressure. For corporate entertaining, it's a no-brainer as there's plenty of options to entertain in style."

Our general conclusion - anyone considering taking their family to this event who have boys from 5yrs and upwards that are fascinated by cars are guaranteed a place in auto-heaven!

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