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7 Steps to Virtual Success

2nd April 2020

How to get the most out of your virtual meetings

With many of the workforce currently working from home, we've noticed several useful tips floating about on how to make the most from virtual meetings and thought we would share our favourite seven steps to success:

1. Use video.

Wherever you can, use video so that you can connect as if you're all in the same room together. Seeing facial expression is always more effective than just using sound. Just make sure that if some participants can only join using audio they are regularly included/invited into the conversation.

2. Stick to the meeting objectives.

This doesn't mean run the meeting like a rigid military exercise (although sometimes this might be useful), but share the agenda and be clear with participants on what you need the outcomes to be for an effective output.

3. Choose meeting roles.

Decide and communicate beforehand who is chairing/facilitating, who's taking notes for follow-up actions and who the main contributors are.

4. Use presentations.

Presentations can be a really useful visual aid but don't spend too long simply regurgitating the words on the screen share (absolutely vital if you want to appear authentic). Keep the visual detail to a minimum, make it interesting and keep data relevant to the meeting.

5. Feedback.

Capture real-time feedback by using tools provided by your virtual platform, such as hands up, voting polls and Q&A.

6. Ice-breaker.

Encourage participants to share their location/surroundings and introduce themselves to foster inclusivity and help open up communication. Make sure everyone can see, hear and have access to the meeting tools.

7. Time.

Stick to the designated meeting length to keep attendees awake and focused on the objectives.

Above all, enjoy the virtual connection with others to break up your day!

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Sources: Harvard Business Review and World Economic Forum

Images: Unsplash

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