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Global Alignment

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Business transformation on a global scale

Understanding the opportunity
After a period of change and with a new leadership team in place, it was time for this global business to share in their new vision, engage employees with it, build connections and start conversations to encourage ownership. Collaboratively working with our client and partners, we produced three, 3-day conferences which took place over a five-week period for 2,400 employees across three continents.

BE Vivid Thinking
We employed a process that deconstructed the audience, the messages and the required outcomes, then reconstructed them in a way that focused on changing behaviours through conversation, debate and exchange. It was clear that stimulating content, carefully delivered and curated to challenge the status quo, was key to the success of these events.

The perfect solution
We developed the concept of ‘LIVE’ which underpinned the event directive, lexicon, branding, format and framework as well as all content and comms. With ‘live’ engagement through debate being at the heart of the sessions, for the main plenary we shaped a parliamentary environment based on the UK House of Commons. A central catwalk split the audience in two, with both sides facing over-sized LED screens that delivered visually inspiring content (data as a visual language). Live polls and speaker “call and response” stimulated honest exchange; a vote or discussion to move forward with a consensus (human interaction).

Evaluating the Impact
A range of positive delegate feedback coupled with a 30 per cent increase in attendees agreed/strongly agreed they connected with the new vision.

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