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This logistics company needed an expert in delivery for their conference

Understanding the opportunity
Major business transformation demand aligned leadership – which is why this global logistics business asked us to help develop training on their new parcel tracking system. They needed to bring together all their senior managers to learn about its usage, benefits and impact on customers.

BE Vivid Thinking
We know that people learn best through collaborative experiences. So we set out to create an engaging, empowering and interactive conference that would feel less like a classroom, and more like an immersive workshop where people could share their discoveries face-to-face.

The perfect solution
The first step was to move away from relying on training manuals. Instead, we wanted to encourage the 325 business leaders to get to know each other, learning about the new systems along the way. Our theme was ‘Freight Date,’ and it all kicked off with the launch of a bespoke app, that enabled them to get to grips with the new tracking system, and connect with their colleagues ahead of the event.
The three-day conference itself saw the attendees virtually posted and tracked as they made their way to London. Once there, they took part in Delivery Deadline session, which were modeled after speed dating, and applied some time pressures to getting to know their fellow delegates.
We also facilitated a number of workshops, where attendees brainstormed the best ways of integrating the new system, as well as developing their own communications platforms, to ensure that everyone stayed on-message.

Evaluating the Impact
Given that 92% of attendees had rated the event as good/excellent, we were delighted to hear that the global roll-out had been achieved within 16 weeks of the conference, with an 89% penetration rate across the business.

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