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European Conference


European conference to activate organisational change

Understanding the opportunity
This international hotel chain had a very clear purpose for their conference – for their 350-strong leadership teams to return from this event empowered, equipped and with a clear commercial action plan of what they are going to do going forward.

BE Vivid Thinking
To bring the theme alive in a campaign that acts as an activation, the assets were all visual in order to control the vision of the viewer. The campaign would permeate every point of communication during the lead-up to the event, throughout every conference session, breakouts and on-site touchpoints. This approach would then lay a solid foundation to create a lasting legacy of principles for the leadership teams to use across all areas of the business.

The perfect solution
We brought in and partnered with established highly credible production partners in order to deliver a highly curated plenary. The centre stage was at the core of every point of delivery from plenary, breakouts, evening dining and the grand much-coveted internal awards. The plenary stage featured a catwalk to increase the use of floor space, provide a greater expanse of platform for the speakers and create a greater sense of reachability and involvement with the audience. It was a dual purpose designed to provide a dramatic centre-piece for the glamorous awards ceremony. A large suspended box screen above the centre stage gave way to omnipresent content, whilst the entire event was filmed live for post-event session-sharing to disseminate key content amongst the wider teams.

Evaluating the Impact
The format and execution for this conference has been widely praised amongst the business with key stakeholders keen to keep up the momentum and utilise this format across other global regions.

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