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Hosting clients in Place Vendôme; the epitome of Parisian chic

Understanding the opportunity
Our global trading and investment client wanted to reach out to their stakeholders and clients across Europe to celebrate over 100 years in the French capital, and thus selected Paris for the auspicious occasion. 

BE Vivid Thinking
Having opened their first European office in Paris during the late 1800’s, this client event was arranged as an opportunity for their executive and senior management teams to connect with their VIP guests including customers and partners. The experience needed to encompass luxurious elegance whilst offering a 'nod' to Japanese tradition. A collaborative effort with a handpicked project team was required to deliver on objective.

The perfect solution
The historic Hotel d’Evreux, which overlooks the magnificent Place Vendôme and the initial home to the start of the French Lottery, was the venue of choice. Built during the reign of Louis XIV, the venue reflects the architectural splendor of the era with palace-like décor and interior furnishings befitting for royalty. A majestic courtyard lined with red carpet, lanterns and charming Parisian hosts paved the way for guests’ arrival. With an intimate reception held in the first floor Salon overlooking Place Vendome, the finest French champagne and canapes were circulated whilst guests and dignitaries were greeted with the customary Japanese card exchange and bow. The evening then continued as more guests arrived for the main reception held in the impressive Salle des Tirages with networking and speeches, where a string quartet set the ambience amongst the original Lottery Room containing eight large spheres and decorated with a Japanese Maple tree within the central bar. Understated elegance is at the heart of this client’s approach, with every aspect reflecting luxury and only the finest of quality that its guests are accustomed to.

Evaluating the Impact
With the visiting CEO from Japan, the UK MD and the Parisian senior teams all acting as hosts, welcoming new European clients and reacquainting with existing partners was carried out to perfection in the most elegant of settings.

Event photography - Angus Thomas

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