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"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..."

Understanding the opportunity
This international media company wanted to bring together their entire workforce and celebrate a successful year, whilst also outlining their ambitious plans for the year ahead, and the role that everyone would be expected to play. However, unlike most companies, which tend to review their previous year during the Spring, this event was due to take place in the height of summer.

BE Vivid Thinking
We realised that Summer holidays have always represented a logical break between the pressures of the previous year, and anticipation of the months to come. Best of all, they’re a celebratory experience, filled with moments that appeal to all the senses, and feel like the ultimate reward.

The perfect solution
450 employees set off for the seaside, beginning with a business update at the Brighton Grand Hotel. The audience was divided into four sections around two large presentation screens in the Empress Suite.
With the business all taken care of, it was time to turn our attention to the ultimate getaway. The lights dimmed, the front screens flipped and the space was magically transformed into an airport lounge, complete with departure boards and a full cabin crew. The audience was divided into teams, and each given an empty suitcase, an iPad and a set of clues. They had to work together and follow the clues on a specially created treasure hunt to track down a bunch of holiday essentials. They stayed in touch with the wider group via social media – where updated clues were regularly shared.

Having explored a number of iconic Brighton locations, they eventually returned to base with their suitcases ready for scoring. Then it was off to the beach for a welcome drink and a few rounds of beach volleyball. The evening was rounded off with a beach party, BBQ and disco, courtesy of a Radio ONE DJ.

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