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Immersive Celebration


A monumental celebration for leaders in entertainment

Understanding the opportunity
Home to the leading UK entertainment channels, pressure was on for this agency to finish the year with the ultimate blow-out party. Where working hard and playing harder were intrinsic to the culture, the agency also wanted to bring together the different brand values of each channel to understand their unit within the wider presence of the agency. 

BE Vivid thinking
We knew that hosting an event that was cool enough to impress the young, urban demographic wouldn’t just be the biggest challenge. Turning it on its head, instead of making the event about bringing everyone together under one roof with an overarching message we focused on an immersive event which had the underlying opportunity for guests to explore and interact more closely. 

The perfect solution
With the help of the theatrical team at the venue, these disused railway arches were transformed into an incredible experience based on the book ‘The Midnight Circus’. Each vault was turned into a unique and surprising environment. Guests could ride on carousel zebras, lose themselves in a maze full of hidden treasures, swing from the moon or dance in the big top, all whilst being entertained by the strange yet enigmatic circus characters drawing them deeper into the evening. The atmosphere of mystery and wandering intrigue was furthered by opening different rooms up throughout the night. Dedicating the music selection to the radio DJ’s and hosts from the agency’s entertainment channels not only added an exclusive club-night feel but added something extra that guests could identify with in the work hard-play harder dynamic. 

Evaluating the impact
By creating an event that was high-energy, forward-thinking and exciting this was a reflection of the guests that made the event feel personable to each individual. At the same time, the wide-eyed theatrics, immersive design and sense of discovery running throughout, gave a real feeling of pride which successfully integrated guests who were able to recognise their own brands within the agency. 

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