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Business Retreat

River Thames

Challenging escape to a private island

Understanding the opportunity
A global HR services group engaged us to create a business outing that would keep their teams focused following a large restructure and a prolonged period of change throughout the organisation.

BE Vivid thinking
We curated an out-of-office experience by hosting a retreat where the staff would feel like they are ‘getting away’ in order to free themselves of their office personas. By creating a balance between 'business sharing' combined with 'team challenges' in a remote location of natural beauty would enhance a feeling of escapism.

The perfect solution
We selected the tranquil setting of Monkey Island in Bray-on-Thames where our clients had their very own private island. Colonial style architecture, free roaming peacocks and the river flowing by, leaning towards the feeling of being ‘away’.  With 150 colleagues divided into teams alongside their managers, they were engaged in a series of challenging tasks. A morning of interactive workshops and information sharing chaired by the CEO and various senior members got everyone working together. A lunch in the sub-tropical grounds was then followed by an afternoon of team building challenges. As well as constructing a raft in its entirety, each group had fun creating detailed nautical accessories including a flag with the vessel’s name and emblem. Equipped with their boats, a competitive race along the Thames ensued for the grand finale.  After a high-energy afternoon, the evening took a more leisurely tone, as guests enjoyed a barbecue and live band, followed by a DJ set performed under the stars.

Evaluating the impact
Post event client feedback showed the retreat had aligned employees and managers to the company vision, re-engaged employees and boosted morale collectively for the year ahead. 

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