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Awards Ceremony


Turning tradition into a contemporary show

Understanding the opportunity
An international literary prize foundation engaged us to deliver their annual award ceremony with a progressive new attitude and audience.

BE Vivid thinking
To shake up the traditional format of previous years, we pulled out all the stops for an adrenaline-fuelled awards ceremony that would appeal to the younger as well as refresh the regular audiences. Tasked with creating ‘the best show in the world’ this showstopper circus was to keep the 2000-strong audience wowed, shocked and spinning with excitement. 

The perfect solution
Complementing the contemporary new format, guests were hosted under the industrial canopy of Millbrook’s Concept Centre. Large enough to bring everyone together yet flexible enough to accommodate our creative solution, it was an ideal venue fit for a variety of extreme height circus performances with uninterrupted views of the stage. Greeted with Champagne and entertained by comedian host Al Murray in character as the ‘Pub Landlord’, between courses of a 3-course menu by Gordan Ramsay the circus-style table displays exploded into life with pyrotechnics and dynamic entertainers. Acrobats both on stage and on the ground kept audiences a gasp whilst trapeze artists soared above their heads. Another masterfully controlling his balance rotated on the floor in a Cyr Wheel ring that became an extension on his body. Angle-grinder wielding dancers cut away at their own body armour producing a shower of sparks and flames whilst live music performed by a concert orchestra helped resonate the energy around the room.  

Evaluating the impact
Delivering on the ‘best show in the world’, this annual event was transformed from traditional award ceremony to dynamic evening of entertainment. By continuously wowing guests from start to finish, keeping extra tricks and acts up our sleeves as the night went on, the Foundation re-engaged themselves as progressive; promoting and fostering a special interest in their work. 

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