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At BE Vivid, we know that face-to-face contact is essential for developing deep, enduring relationships; the most impactful campaigns all have a common denominator that makes them successful – human connection.

We believe that by challenging the status quo we can create dynamic change. We do this by always seeking to understand the WHY behind your strategies and we think freely to explore all of the choices and options as to how they can be amplified. Only after this can we shape, develop and deliver engagement programmes at the heart of which is a live experience, that start new conversations, create emotional connections and have enduring value. 

By acting as an extension of your team and slotting in where your business needs us most, our collaborative process is a place where everyone thrives. The result being an end product for everyone to cherish.


We’ll help you define your objectives by exploring the "why" behind your event and work with you to strategically communicate your brand story.


We’ll design a smart and memorable experience/campaign, starting with that all-important big idea.


We’ll deliver dynamic change through new thinking and expertise with a solution that is transformational.


We’ll evaluate the success of your campaign/event, gathering feedback and analysing return on objective.

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