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Collective Working

Hyde Park

The team that plays together, stays together

Understanding the opportunity
A global HR services group engaged us to deliver a team-building event that would refocus their teams after a difficult restructure and a prolonged period of change throughout the organisation.

BE Vivid Thinking
Ordinarily, an event like this would involve dividing the company into teams that represent a cross-section of the entire business. However, we knew that, in order to promote a deeper level of understanding and communication, it was important for people to work alongside colleagues from within their own departments.

The perfect solution
Having selected the tranquil setting of The Lookout in Hyde Park, we created the theme of a woodland country park retreat, and built a series of tasks around bicycles and cycling. With 150 colleagues divided into teams alongside their managers, they were engaged in a series of challenging tasks.
As well as fitting tyres and assembling frameworks, they also had to take it in turns to navigate each other around a course, on a tricycle. To make things a little more difficult, they had to do it blindfolded, relying entirely on their partners’ directions.
After a high-energy afternoon, the evening took a more leisurely tone, as guests enjoyed a barbecue and live band, followed by a DJ set performed under the stars.

Evaluating the Impact
Feedback from a very satisfied client team confirmed that the majority of attendees felt that the experience had benefited them in a personal capacity, and had helped them gain a better understand of colleagues in their department.

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